What iOS 10 involves for mobile administrators and business users

This year’s WWDC 2016 offered the latest insights into the world of Apple’s operating systems including iOS 10 and the upcoming macOS Sierra. Apart from the prominent and “expressive” features for Messages, Music, and Maps, we also had a sneak peak of features within the field of Productivity.

More Productivity with iOS 10
The improved VoIP integration is most certainly useful for businesses: Apps within this sector can now “really” ring, and company telephone numbers are easier to use on your Apple smartphone.

Global practicality: The Autocorrect improvements now support multilingual texts so that users may switch between languages while typing.

Thanks to the motion sensitivity, the iPhone can now simply be lifted up to be awakened. In the future, administrators will also have an overview of and be able to control what users see without entering a passcode.

The SiriKit for developers aims to broaden the speech recognition within the messaging world for better communication with other apps.  Soon it will be possible to send messages via speech from Whatsapp and Skype while you drive.

Those who desire a better overview and more control of what's on their screen, can now delete Apple’s default apps. It will also be possible to hide seldom used apps such as Game Center, Music, or Compass.

The Universal Clipboard makes a seamless exchange of content between mac OS Sierra and iOS 10 possible without the help of AirDrop or other workarounds.

MDM with iOS 10

Apple already implemented the most important MDM improvements in the update leap to iOS 9.3. With the new Apple School Manager, Apple addresses educational institutions as well as pool devices in particular and offers details for new shared iPad settings and appropriate MDM workflows for them.

Anyone interested in more detailed information can have a look at the current Apple Device Session video from WWDC 2016. The presentation slides can also be downloaded from this link.

In the area of Enterprise Apps, the automatic app validation provides even more security for your apps. The iOS 9.3 features, MDM commands, MDM Lost Mode, and MDM Activation, which had already been introduced in the Keynote in June,  were highlighted once again.

In the realm of Security, it is important to mention that the VPN functions now contain additional IKEv2 Settings. Of course Apple also took advantage of their event to introduce the updated Apple Configurator Version.

The updated TARMAC Compliance Rules (zip.download) will be available soon so that users can already address iOS 10 Beta devices with TARMAC.

The new compact class for businesses is here! The iPhone 6 SE and 9.7” iPad Pro - Renew your TARMAC Compliance Rules now!

With the new compact and affordable iPhone 6 SE and 9.7“ iPad Pro, Apple has once again expanded its product range.

The iPhone 6 SE contains the potent A9 chip of the iPhone 6 S within its 4 inch housing. Until now, the inexpensive introductory price starting at 489 Euros, has been quite reasonable for establishing a larger device pool. Within the new “little” iPad Pro, is the SoC A9X. Apple chose to slow it down a notch and built it with only 2 GBytes RAM instead of 4. However, with the Smart Keyboard, the powerful iPad is a smarter, travel-ready, desktop replacement. The prices start at 689 Euros and it’s available with up to 256 GBytes of memory capacity.

With our newest Compliance Rules (.zip) you can address the newest iPhone 6 SE and iPad Pro models as well as the current systems iOS 9.3 und 9.3.1.

iOS 9.0 GM und 9.1 Beta compliance rules now available

Users and administrators can now download our current Compliance Rules which address the newest the iOS 9.0 GM and 9.1 public beta.

Download the new TARMAC Compliance Rules (.zip)

Be prepared for iOS 9
In order to support you as a mobile admin, and your tests and preview-sessions with the up-coming iOS 9, we’ve made the current Compliance Rules available already for the public beta 2.
If you’d like to learn more about the upcoming mobile management and security features in iOS 9, please refer to the following useful links.

iOS 9 release notes
Apple Configurator 2.0 & iOS 9 beta download
Apple's new Enterprise development page
Video: Managing Apple Devices under iOS 9

TARMAC 2.4.1 is here!

Download the latest enhanced TARMAC version now. With this TARMAC 2.4.1 you will benefit benefit from several improvements in terms of the new Autopilot feature, optimized stability and better performance. For detailed informations please check out our latest release notes regarding version 2.4.1 here.

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