TARMAC 2 is ready for the iOS 7-Rollout

Apple delivers the new iPhone parallel to the release of iOS 7. Your business MPM will be enriched in many respects by iOS 7. In particular, the distribution of multiple kinds of apps within your business will be better displayed and have a certain degree of flexibility. TARMAC 2 implements the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for businesses, as a model encompassing everything one would expect from an Apple-centered solution.


TARMAC Workshops

TARMAC Certification Workshops

Meet the equinux security team live. Be the first to receive detailed, first-hand information about TARMAC and other solutions. And with our workshops for partners you can catapult yourself to pole position - with in-depth knowledge directly from the manufacturer. Learn more about MDM with TARMAC 2, Briefing Center, the new Autopilot feature and perfect your Mobile Productivity Management.

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