TARMAC is ready for take off with Apple's newest iOS: download the latest Compliance Rules now

The TOWER ONE ground crew has insured that TARMAC 2.4 is ready for take off. Users and administrators can now download our current Compliance Rules which address the newest the iOS 9 public beta, the current iOS 8.4 and of course the newly released 6th generation iPod touch model.

Download the new TARMAC Compliance Rules (.zip)

Be prepared for iOS 9
In order to support you as a mobile admin, and your tests and preview-sessions with the up-coming iOS 9, we’ve made the current Compliance Rules available already for the public beta 2.
If you’d like to learn more about the upcoming mobile management and security features in iOS 9, please refer to the following useful links.

iOS 9 release notes
Apple Configurator 2.0 & iOS 9 beta download
Apple's new Enterprise development page
Video: Managing Apple Devices under iOS 9


The Compliance Rules support the new inexpensive business solution: the powerful iPod touch model (6th generation). The newest iPod touch model features 64 bit A8 CPUs (+ M8), an improved camera (8 megapixels), and has up to 128 GB memory. In regards to the hardware update, Apple decided to keep the same size and shape as its predecessor.
With prices starting at only $199, the new iPod touch is an interesting, powerful alternative to other more expensive business devices.

Our tip: Stay up-to-date!
Update your user’s device pool to iOS 8.4. The improved mobile system resolves numerous security issues for your business devices.

Here’s how Mobile Admins will benefit from the new Mobile Device Autopilot in TARMAC 2.4


MDM meets AI: our newly developed Mobile Device Autopilot continuously queries your iOS devices and independently manages your devices. The new Dashboard view gives you an immediate status overview for all your iOS devices and scheduled MDM commands.

Minimize your workload
TARMAC 2.4 provides you with all important device information and can independently take care of planned app roll-outs.

The result: fewer tasks, fewer potential sources of error, and less time spent for Mobile Administrators.
The TARMAC Autopilot continuously checks the current state of your entire device pool. You'll always have the current status in a clear overview. The respective target state for profile and app distribution is determined by your assigned groups.

One of a kind visual MDM control

The tedious task of searching through command histories is a thing of the past. With the Mobile Device Autopilot, you can monitor the success of MDM commands at a glance.

Review the success of app installations in seconds
Just click the status flag to get the information you need to identify and resolve issues: Why did an update fail? Which installation processes are currently running? When was a device last seen?


iOS 8.3 is here: This changes things for mobile administrator

The Apple Watch is here. The new wearable device from Cupertino will be mobile OS integrated and comes with many improvements.

TOWER ONE recommends that all devices in your device pool be updated to iOS 8.3 since Apple's upgrade not only offers the newest features, but also functions relevant to security: Find out more about the security improvements here.



TARMAC administrators can expect new functions in the area of security:

  • Apple introduces the forceWatchWristDetection: With this, it's possible to force users to unlock their Apple Watch with a passcode once the Watch has been removed from their wrist.
  • Also new: allowFingerprintModification (Only in supervised mode): This function  prevents the TouchID settings from being changed. Download the most current Compliance Rules for your TARMAC server (Download)


TARMAC 2.4 beta phase begins

We’ve just launched a our brand-new TARMAC 2.4 Beta, designed to help you keep close watch over your entire device pool. The all-new Mobile Device Autopilot (MDA) ensures that command and operation is automatically completed and checks up on your devices for you. Get the best overview of your entire device pool ever…

  • Continuous monitoring of every single device
  • Unparalleled visualization of every MDM task
  • Automatic retrying and completion checks
  • Monitor device activity and list devices not in use

Download Beta version
Release notes TARMAC 2.4


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