Work faster – we are ready for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

With the new A8X chip the iPad Air 2 is now the most fastet iPad ever and brings more performance for your daily business tasks. Also the new iPad mini 3 features now an updated A7 chip. With both devices you can now use Fingerprint identity. Download our new TARMAC compliance rules to integrate the new iPads now.

TARMAC 2.3 is here – be ready for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple delivers the new iPhone 6 generation parallel to the release of iOS 8. With TARMAC 2.3 we are implementing many exciting features for our outstanding iOS MDM suite. A quick overview on some of the new features…

TARMAC 2.3 includes support for new iOS 8 profile-based features, including:

  • Handoff support
  • Disable iCloud backup of managed apps
  • Support for one-time WiFi access
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus device filtering

New MDM queries
TARMAC now displays additional information from queried devices, including…

  • Remaining storage space
  • Status of Find my iPhone, Mobile Hotspot, Do not disturb modes
  • iTunes account status
  • Date of last iCloud backup
  • Passcode compliancy and more


Welcome iOS 8: TARMAC is already prepared for Apple’s newest generation mobile operating system

TOWER ONE has already prepared TARMAC for iOS 8 and the newest iPhone generation. Download the newest Compliance Rules for TARMAC here.

Apple iOS has been enjoying increased popularity in the enterprise field since the introduction of the new iPhones. Already, more than 98% of the Fortune 500 Companies are using Apple's mobile operating system, and not without reason. Not only is the usability outstanding, the business features with iOS 8 are continuously being improved, offering even more useful functions.

More security: Passcode protection and email encryption are topics which Apple has pushed into the foreground. With S/MIME controls, users can digitally sign and encrypt their emails. There is also an Alway-on-VPN-Function and a feature for the use of certificate based Single Sign On (SSO).

More features: In addition to the security features, many productivity features for daily business life have also been improved. For example; telephoning with WiFi, improved email and calendar functions, and an intelligent Quicktype keyboard. The tight link with the up-coming OS X operating system Yosemite ensures even more advantages to come.

iOS 8 is the perfect basis for TARMAC, your Mobile Device Management solution for businesses, implementing iPhones and iPads into your business.

More technical details for MDM with TARMAC
More info from Apple for iOS 8 as a business solution

iOS 7 in Business: 7 facts, you should know

Apple has released the new iOS 7. The newest business-relevant iOS 7 functions are fully supported by the latest version of TARMAC, from TOWER ONE. We'd like to highlight some of the impacts the iOS 7 features have on businesses. 


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