Here’s how Mobile Admins will benefit from the new Mobile Device Autopilot in TARMAC 2.4


MDM meets AI: our newly developed Mobile Device Autopilot continuously queries your iOS devices and independently manages your devices. The new Dashboard view gives you an immediate status overview for all your iOS devices and scheduled MDM commands.

Minimize your workload
TARMAC 2.4 provides you with all important device information and can independently take care of planned app roll-outs.

The result: fewer tasks, fewer potential sources of error, and less time spent for Mobile Administrators.
The TARMAC Autopilot continuously checks the current state of your entire device pool. You'll always have the current status in a clear overview. The respective target state for profile and app distribution is determined by your assigned groups.

One of a kind visual MDM control

The tedious task of searching through command histories is a thing of the past. With the Mobile Device Autopilot, you can monitor the success of MDM commands at a glance.

Review the success of app installations in seconds
Just click the status flag to get the information you need to identify and resolve issues: Why did an update fail? Which installation processes are currently running? When was a device last seen?


Keep a clear overview of numerous devices

If a command should fail, affected devices will be highlighted, allowing you to indentify an issue immediately. The bar graph acts as the central health indicator for all your devices and scheduled roll-outs.

Automatic success monitoring

Every MDM command you issues is automatically checked and monitored. If a command wasn't completed, your Mobile Device Autopilot will automatically try it again.

Administer secure rollouts and MDM commands successfully
TARMAC includes an automatic retrying process. If an installation should fail, the system automatically repeats the installation process up to 5 times.

Find  inactive and uncoupled devices

Easily identify unused devices. Download a device report as a .csv containing all unused iOS devices and redeploy tied up resources, or remove obsolete devices from your TARMAC device pool.


Perfect Inventory Management!

You can choose how often the Autopilot will check your devices. If certain iOS devices are not active over a longer period of time, TARMAC will automatically mark them as unreachable. TARMAC helps you find and deal with unused devices, keeping your device pool up-to-date.

Easily administer your device pool with multiple IT experts
With the visual dashboard view, it’s easy for every IT specialist to have a clear view of the current status of all mobile devices. Improve Change Management and mange your device pool with multiple Admins.

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