The new compact class for businesses is here! The iPhone 6 SE and 9.7” iPad Pro - Renew your TARMAC Compliance Rules now!

With the new compact and affordable iPhone 6 SE and 9.7“ iPad Pro, Apple has once again expanded its product range.

The iPhone 6 SE contains the potent A9 chip of the iPhone 6 S within its 4 inch housing. Until now, the inexpensive introductory price starting at 489 Euros, has been quite reasonable for establishing a larger device pool. Within the new “little” iPad Pro, is the SoC A9X. Apple chose to slow it down a notch and built it with only 2 GBytes RAM instead of 4. However, with the Smart Keyboard, the powerful iPad is a smarter, travel-ready, desktop replacement. The prices start at 689 Euros and it’s available with up to 256 GBytes of memory capacity.

With our newest Compliance Rules (.zip) you can address the newest iPhone 6 SE and iPad Pro models as well as the current systems iOS 9.3 und 9.3.1.

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