Mobile Productivity Management

TARMAC 2 lays the groundwork for an entirely new field in the area of MDM – Mobile Productivity Management (MPM). With MPM, TOWER ONE has shifted focus to productivity and collaborative working in companies.

The new Briefing Center app enables companies to work seamlessly and securely with iPhones and iPads: Wi-Fi, mail, calendar, VPN, and more, are automatically configured personally for every employee.


Productivity, performance, and security: the server solution TARMAC 2, has been newly developed from the ground up. The Briefing Center app increases daily business productivity as a native companion app for iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch. With MPM, TOWER ONE has a stronger focus on mobile business.

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Distribute iOS business devices

Mobile Productivity Management

With TARMAC, TOWER ONE has created the foundation for safety related management of iOS devices in businesses. With MPM, TOWER ONE TOWER ONE has shifted focus to productivity and collaborative working in companies. The starting point is the release TARMAC 2 and the Business app Briefing Center.

Briefing Center is an entry level product for TOWER ONE in the area of mobile productivity. Briefing Center increases the usability of TARMAC and delivers  crucial advantages for the administrators as well as the end-users of the iOS devices.



Bring your own device (BYOD)

Business resources need to be available on iPads and iPhones in order for them to successfully be integrated into your business. With the MDM solution from TOWER ONE, you can automatically and securely configure email, VPN, and work calendars, on every integrated device.

These security measures can also be implemented on personal devices as well. Your employees can also have secure access to their business email, calendar, and VPN using their own personal  iPhones. For example, it can be set-up that private devices can only gain access to business information via VPN and a secure password. With TARMAC,  you can safely implement  BYOD into your business, because you define the level of security.

Scope of functions:

  • Email (IMAP, Pop)
  • Exchange server
  • WLAN Configuration
  • Certificate based WLAN authentication
  • LDAP Directory Information
  • Calendar server (CalDAV, CardDAV)
TARMAC - Mobile Device Management für iPhones & iPads

TARMAC acts as a secure, dependable middleware for your company IT between directory services and your employees’ iPhones,iPads, and integrated Apple iOS devices. The intuitive interface and efficient workflow spare extra IT-responsibilities, saving you and your employees time and costs.

In developing TARMAC, we always had one idea in mind: to set up an iPhone with TARMAC should be as simple as using the iPhone itself. A few simple steps are all that stands in the way of rapid iPhone roll-out.

For data sheets or access to our Demo-Server, please click here.
See how TARMAC redefines Mobile Device Management for iOS devices.

Why iOS?

With hundreds of mobile telephones and tablet devices, it is practically impossible to support, test, and update each device regularly. There are of course many different operating systems. However, in our opinion, the majority of them are not suitable for business use.

The recent security gap with Android is just one of many such instances. The biggest misconceptions is the belief  that one solution can equally support all operating systems: iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile, Symbian – just to name a few. Each has its own unique MDM API and some are more complex, more limited, or even more prone to malfunction than others.

We love Apple and we love iPhones and iPads! Our iOS centric approach allows us to focus research and development on a single platform enabling a more refined device management solution. The result: TARMAC. Probably the best solution to manage iOS devices.



TARMAC Konfiguration Example

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

With a TOWER ONE MDM-solution, you can effectively distribute iOS devices in your business. One major advantage is the possibility to  personalize specific access for certain employees, using the most stringent security standards to protect your data.

Your employees can independently sign-in to the MDM server where they’ll automatically get specific configuration, access rights, and policies.


With TOWER ONE Mobile Device Management, changes to your IT infrastructure or updated policies are immediately ready for distribution. Just Push the newest configurations and specific preferences on the iPhone and iPad, and the corresponding changes will automatically be updated in the background. This seamless updating allows for continued productivity without interruption.

 Typical MDM uses:
  • Personalize and administer iOS devices for employees
  • Administer iOS devices over-the-air
  • Rollout preferences, policies and apps over-the-air
  • Manage all iPhone and iPads with a clear overview
  • Limit access by LDAP Groups
  • Ongoing management of iOS devices
Signing devices in to an MDM Server

You’ll need an MDM profile before iPads and iPhones can be administered via MDM. This is initially installed on the relevant devices upon delivery of TARMAC. In order to be able to use Push, it is a prerequisite that you have a membership in the iOS Developer Enterprise Program.

MDM Profile Configuration

Specific and relevant preferences can be determined for each device. Along side the personalized user setup, are password guidelines, access to camera functions or external services such as, YouTube, the iPod, or the App Store.

Updates via Push

MDM has the distinct  advantage that profile updates and preferences can be “Pushed”  from the TARMAC interface onto the background of the iPad and iPhone. The users needn’t do anything more. Push is available for the following information:

  • Preferences
  • Profile
  • Changing Profile
  • Web links
  • Security Preferences
Delete devices from a distance

It happens all too often that a mobile device is left behind: in a taxi, at a security check in the airport, or in a hotel room. MDM allows TARMAC to delete any critical data via an internet connection. That way, you can be sure that none of your confidential information lands in the wrong hands.

Inventory Management

With the expanded functions offered by TARMAC, you’ll also benefit when administering Apple mobile devices. You can save all parameters and information from each individual mobile device into the integrated Inventory Management.

With Inventory Management from TARMAC, you have a clear overview of your IT-landscape, offering immediate access, information, and the possibility to update with just the click of a button. TARMAC subsumes the meta data from all devices, as is expected of a quality management tool.

Mobile Device Security (MDS)

As soon as access to critical information is available with an iPhone or iPad, it is of utmost importance that this data is protected. The multi-level  security concept from TOWER ONE’s  MDM Solution TARMAC, completely protects your infrastructure and business data . An individual encryption certificate is created for each device accessing the TARMAC server. With this SCEP procedure, it is guaranteed that commands and preferences may only be read by the specific end device. The result: absolute security for your data.

Signing into the system is completed through an Active Directory authentication. It is then determined through the Active Directory, which service and apps the user may access.

The TOWER ONE MDM solution also supports certificate based WLAN and exchange authentication. Therefor, every employee can access the network and be signed into the server with their own personal  certificate.

Security thanks to Mobile Device Management

With TARMAC you can...

  • Protect devices from a distance
  • Reset passwords
  • Lock or delete devices remotely (complete wipe/Enterprise wipe)
  • Update, administer, or delete your profile in the background
  • Automatically update security preferences
  • Perform Inventory Management


Securely integrate Apple mobile devices
TARMAC's advanced certificate-based security system ensures the security and integrity of your data while enrolling and managing devices.

Carry out all operations securely
With TARMAC no data will leave your internal infrastructure. Through centralized provisioning, relevant security changes can be implemented on-demand.

Maintain a clear overview of all data and profiles
Because TARMAC does not require any software on your devices you always have full control of your data.

Sustainable, long-term investment thanks to scaleability
TARMAC is completely scalable. Administrators can add new users directly to their company's existing Directory Service, because TARMAC is linked, it has immediate access to pull the needed information.

iOS queries & monitoring
TARMAC supports the iOS MDM queries like mobile provider, network provider, battery level and many more. Furthermore you have full control and a complete overview of settings, profiles, certificates, and Apps.


Distribute Apps

Mobile App Management (MAM)

One of the most important arguments for using the iOS platform is the incredible volume of available apps. However, a comprehensive app-management strategy is of utmost importance to ensure that employees can work productively with their iPhones and iPads. The TOWER ONE Mobile App Management solution supports an effective app distribution and administration.  There are basically two different kinds of apps which have to be managed. The public App Store apps and the “in-house apps”, which are internal business based apps for employees. With the TARMAC App Catalog, App Store apps can be recommended and linked for download. This alleviates the need for distribution support and makes it easier to work with new iOS devices.

Internal apps can also be distributed with TARMAC: just upload the app data onto the server and it is ready for distribution through the App Catalog or MDM. Thanks to the support for Apple’s Enterprise Program, it is not necessary to assign  internal apps to particular devices - they can be installed on all internal business devices.  
Apps can also be pushed automatically after signing into the server, or later by the administrator. An app can also be removed just as quickly.

App Management & In-house Apps

Install the App Store apps and in-house apps with TARMAC by sending an invitation to the end-user. Apps that are installed can also be removed (iOS 5.1 and up) and automatically deleted when the user’s MDM profile has been erased.  With the TARMAC App Catalog, you can distribute internal apps to employees’ iPhones and iPads company-wide. Administrators only have to provide the apps in the TARMAC App Catalog.  Authorized users from within a defined group, have access to specific apps. From the personalized TARMAC Admin-interface, you can distribute single or multiple apps, include new versions, or delete apps.


Briefing Center

Together with TARMAC 2, the Briefing Center app (App Store link) enables companies to work seamlessly and securely with iPhones and iPads: Wi-Fi, mail, calendar, VPN, and more, are automatically configured personally for every employee. The integrated App Catalog makes it easy to install internal company apps as well as public apps from the App Store.

Protection: Briefing Center protects your infrastructure with integrated jailbreak recognition. Thanks to the on-going monitoring, new jailbreaks are immediately identified and reported.

Customization: The Briefing Center app can be adapted perfectly to match your CI and internal processes: If desired, a company logo can also be uploaded into the app and seen by all users. Administrators can adjust help-texts and links within the app, in order to to offer the users specific assistance and support tools.

Briefing Center Features
  • Native App Catalog
  • Sort by app categories
  • App descriptions
  • In-app enrollment
  • Jailbreak detection
  • Integration of disclaimers for installation
  • Individual customization of your own CI
  • Servers can be found via email addresses