TARMAC Version History | Release Notes

TARMAC Version 2.4.1

Note: TARMAC ships with an internal H2 database for testing, which is used by default. Please configure an external MySQL database for production use. We offer a (paid) service to help you with the migration of your existing database to MySQL.

What’s new

  • Fixed an issue with the upload of HTTPS certificate chains. Note: The chain must be in PEM format!
  • The Autopilot will now push profiles marked with ‘MDM push’ automatically after re-enrollment of the
    MDM profile.
  • The Autopilot now takes care of uninstalling MDM profiles from devices when the user is removed
    from the MDM group or from the directory service.
  • Installation and removal of apps and profiles can now be forced. This is especially useful for pushing
    profile updates. Moreover, it’s now possible to remove the MDM profile from devices.
  • Fixed a small issue in the command history ‒ the entries are now correctly sorted and won’t suddenly
    disappear anymore.
  • Added a button to the VPP configuration that allows you to trigger a VPP sync manually.
    Added compliance rules for latest iOS versions (iOS 8 and iOS 9 public beta) and the new iPod touch.


TARMAC Version 2.4

TARMAC 2.4 is a big update of your TARMAC installation. We strongly recommend you create an external backup in addition to TARMAC’s own backup feature and also that you create a snapshot of your virtual machine before updating.

TARMAC 2.4 now queries your iOS devices periodically and fully autonomously. In some circumstances that results in a high use of resources. The system requirements have not changed, but we recommend you ensure all requirements are met.

The internal database will be optimised as part of the installation. Depending on the database size this could take a while. Please allow more time than usual for the update to complete.

Java SE Development Kit 8 (JDK) or newer is now officially supported by TARMAC. If you intend to update to Java 8, install Java 8 JDK before updating TARMAC: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html
Note: Java RE is not supported and cannot be used. Java JDK has to be installed.

  • Introducing the all new TARMAC Autopilot: For the first time, TARMAC can automatically periodically query devices and issues commands so devices meet the state defined by their assigned profiles and apps. Your Autopilot bases decisions on your profile and app assignments, it’s monitoring patterns can be configured under the compliance settings.After updating, Autopilot will automatically generate commands to bring devices into compliance with the profiles and apps you’ve assigned to it. To allow you to review these, they will be marked as ‘undecided’.
  • Invitations to VPP are now sent via MDM. Users don’t need to register for VPP using TARMAC anymore.
  • Updated Compliance rules now include the latest devices and iOS 8 versions.
  • Improved handling of VPP apps and assignments.
  • Improvements to the App Catalog: It’s now possible to assign apps to groups without pushing them directly to the devices.
  • Download and installation of in-house apps was improved for iOS 8.
  • The command history has been simplified: It will now show only enqueued and pending commands that were actively sent
  • Pending MDM commands will now be automatically retried until they either execute successfully or time out.
  • The Windows installer has been improved. It will now create a log file (install.log) that records potential issues during the installation.

TARMAC 2.3 includes support for new iOS 8 profile-based features, including:

  • Handoff support
  • Disable iCloud backup of managed apps
  • Support for one-time WiFi access
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus device filtering

New MDM queries
TARMAC now displays additional information from queried devices, including…

  • Remaining storage space
  • Status of Find my iPhone, Mobile Hotspot, Do not disturb modes
  • iTunes account status
  • Date of last iCloud backup
  • Passcode compliancy and more

New MDM commands
Lost mode: Lock a device with a custom lock screen message and phone number

Apple Configurator Rollout Support

  • Prepare your iOS devices for TARMAC using Apple configurator
  • Customize the iOS setup experience and pre-configure your TARMAC server using Apple Configurator 1.6 or later

Support for Supervised Devices
TARMAC now indicated which devices are supervised and displays additional commands for those
devices, including.

  • Set device name
  • Set new wallpaper for home and lock screen
  • Clear restrictions passcode

Other improvements
- There is a new role specifically designed for helpdesk employees
- A bug has been fixed that could cause MDM commands sent to iOS 8 devices to not appear in the
command history

Download: Release Notes 2.3 (PDF)


TARMAC Version 2.2


  • Improved overall performance of TARMAC
  • Device Command List is now paged
  • Improved Performance of the Device Command List
  • You can now search for a username in the Log View
  • Improved Firefox Support
  • Improved Search in the MDM View
  • You are now able to upload VPP Token file directly
  • Improved license sync with Active Directories
  • You can now move search results to the device command list
  • Improved Log View
  • Improved CSR export
  • Improved MDM View
  • „Translation Missing“ is no longer shown in the log
  • Improved Jailbreak Detection with iOS 7

Download: Release Notes 2.2 (PDF)


TARMAC Version 2.1.1


  • iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display and iOS 7.0.3 are now supported by our compliance rules
  • Improved support for new iOS 7 profiles
  • Improvements with Active Directory groups with more then 1000 members
  • Performance improvements when loading a large number of devices in the MDM view
  • Faster searching in the MDM view. Searches must now be started by hitting enter
  • Improvements when switching from the internal database to an external MySQL database
  • Creating a CSV report from the MDM view is faster
  • CSV report entries are now separated by semicolon
  • UI improvements in the group and user views
  • The MDM user detail view now displays decommissioned and checked-out devices
  • Improved importing of TARMAC 1.8.5 Backups

Download: Release Notes 2.1.1 (PDF)


TARMAC Version 2.1


  • New App-Deployment: TARMAC 2.1 introduces an entirely new way to manage and deploy apps. Create app templates and combine apps purchased via VPP, free apps and inhouse app – all in one view. Assign templates to groups or individual users and TARMAC will assign licenses and push apps to users as necessary. The drag and drop UI makes creating your app templates a breeze.
  • Volume Purchase Program Integration: TARMAC 2.1 supports the newly revamped Apple Volume Purchase Program: Assign and revoke app licenses to your users and their associated Apple IDs.
  • iOS 7: All new iOS devices and iOS versions are now supported by compliance rules. Briefing Center has been optimized for iOS 7. Web UI improvements for iOS device.

Download: Release Notes 2.1 (PDF)


TARMAC Version 2.0

Productivity, performance and security: TARMAC 2 has been rewritten from the ground up for highscalability and maximum app security. The all new Briefing Center companion app is the cornerstone of TOWER ONE’s new mobile productivity management (MPM) initiative.


  • Increased Productivity: Business app Briefing Center
  • Cross-Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Performance Boost: New core technology
  • Increased Security: Jailbreak detection
  • Usability: Optimized UIs
  • Customization: Improved Corporate Identity features
  • Collaboration: API interface for 3rd party apps

Download: Release Notes 2.0 (PDF)